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Poleerpadi 228mm Superbuff valge 6tk/kast 60455055412, 3M

Hind (km-ga): 255.00 €
Hind (km-ta): 212.50 €
B Tootekood: 05711&3M
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  • Our 3M™ Wool Compounding Pads are built to deliver an aggressive cut for a smooth finish, ideal when compounding on paints, clears and composite surfaces. Our double-sided screw-on pads feature 100 percent untwisted wool yarn on a stiff central hub for a full cut and broader surface contact. Single-sided pads feature a finer 60/40 wool blend and our Hookit™ attachment for quick change-outs.
    Removes finishing abrasive sand scratches and other paint surface defects
    Double sided screw-on pads feature flexing action for reduced surface burn risk
    Untwisted wool yarn construction improves handling across large surface areas
    Blended or 100 percent wool abrasive delivers fast-cutting efficiency
    Works with 3M compounds and adapters for fast, consistent results
  • Keskladu5
    Stokker Kuressaare, Tallinna mnt. 811
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