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Kõrvaklapid Lite Com BMR446 kaelakinnitus XH001680459, 3M

Hind (km-ga): 599.00 €
Hind (km-ta): 499.17 €
C Tootekood: MT53H7B4400-EU&3M
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Eeldatav tarneaeg 19.04.2017
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  • Communicating in noisy environments has never been easier – or safer. The PELTOR™ LiteCom headset is a tough and rugged headset designed to cope with demanding use in many different working environments. The cord-free two-way radio allows a two-way conversation on up to 8 channels, 38 subchannels, and has a range of up to one kilometre . It lets you talk hands-free and work safely regardless of harmful noise levels.
    High performance headset with built-in communication radio for "hands free" short-range communications with other LiteCom headsets and comms radio devices on the same frequency
    38 sub channels allow users to communicate individually using the same channel
    An auxiliary input also lets you connect a mobile phone or external com radio, regardless of the frequency
    Integrated noise cancelling microphone
    Level dependent function for ambient listening
    An electronic voice tells wearers what settings are being adjusted - no need to take off the headset to check
    Automatically switches off after two hours of non-use to save batteries
    Li-ion Rechargable battery
    Up to 1 kilometre range
    Communication radio in the PMR 446 MHz frequency range.
     Attenuation rating (SNR)?
    ? 32 Decibel
     Battery Life?
    ? 8-12 Hours
    ? Blue
     Communication Type?
    ? Two-Way
     Connection Type?
    ? J22 Audio Input
    ? Built in communication radio,? Two Way Communication
    ? Built in two-way radio
     Hearing Protection Style?
    ? Neckband
     Product Series?
    ? LiteCom
     Product Type?
    ? Communications Headsets
    ? CE Approved
     User Type?
    ? Industry
  • Eeldatav tarneaeg 19.04.2017
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