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Libisemisvastane teip SG51M üldkasutatav must 51mm x 18,3m, 3M

Hind (km-ga): 87.00 €
Hind (km-ta): 72.50 €
C Tootekood: SG51M&3M
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  • 2tk kastisor light to heavy shoe-traffic areas. Safety-Walk General Purpose is a mineral-coated, abrasive material adhered by a durable resin to a pressure-sensitive adhesive backed plastic film. It provides an effective slip-resistant surface in most shoe traffic applications. Primarily for use on dry, wet, oily floors in industrial and commercial applications with intensive pedestrian or light vehicle traffic such as: corridors, production and storage rooms, ramps, stairways, ladders, footplates on machines, emergency exits, etc.
    High quality abrasive particles to ensure long-lasting friction in any application
    Plastic film to provide outstanding durability
    High performance adhesive
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