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Keevitusmask 9100 Air + 9100XXi filter, Versaflo V-500E 52000195124, Speedglas 3M

Hind (km-ga): 1399.00 €
Hind (km-ta): 1165.83 €
C Tootekood: G568526&SG
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Eeldatav tarneaeg 17.05.2017


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  • Welding helmet 9100 Air with supplied air regulator V-500E. Including the Speedglas welding filter 9100XX (73x107 mm): variable dark shade 5, 8, 9-13 for most types of arc welding.
    Possible to lock-in any shade, e.g. in the light state 3 when grinding. Delay function to set the dark-to-light opening time.
    Switching time (light-dark) 0,1 ms. The sensitivity of arc detection can be adjusted for unsurpassed swithching reliability
    Tack welding comfort mode help minimize eye strain during extended tack welding applications
    The Versaflo regulator V-500E is a balanced, belt-worn, easy-to-adjust regulator that consistently delivers the airflow level you set - from 170 l/min to 305 l/min.
    The airline supply must be air of breathable quality meeting the requirements of EN 12021.
    Oil mist, water vapour , or non-toxic, unpleasant odours in the air supply can be removed with an air cleaning station, such as the 3M™ Filtation Systems ACU-1 and ACU-2.
    The slim profile and ergonomic design makes it even more lightweight and easier to go into tight welding spaces .
    ADF_Dark_State_Shades Variable dark shade 5, 8, 9-13
    ADF_Viewing_Area_hxw?73 x 107mm
    Battery_Life ADF up to 2000 hours
    Battery_TypeLithium 3 Volt,? ADF: Lithium 3V
    Brand Speedglas
    Features Respiratory Protection
    Light_State?Shade 3
    Number_of_Sensors 3
    Product_Series Speedglas 9100 Air
    Product_TypeAuto-darkening welding helmet with supplied air regulator
    Protection_Level NPF 200
    Recommended_Application Metal Processing
    Safety_Helmet_Included No
    Side_Windows Yes
    Standards_ApprovalsEN 379
    Switching_Time_Dark-Light 40–1300 ms
    Switching_Time_Light-Dark 0.1 ms @ 73°F (23°C)
    UV_IR_Protection Shade 13 (permanent)
    Welding_Filter_Number Auto Darkening Filter 9100XX
    Welding_Process Grinding
  • Eeldatav tarneaeg 17.05.2017
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